Sorrento-100 Biological Thermal Experimental Apparatus is designed to perform hyperthermia therapy on animals for the purpose of scientific research. By studying the thermal therapy effects and the toxic side effects from animal tumor models, researchers can investigate the underlying molecular mechanisms of thermal and non-thermal effects of electromagnetic waves. The instrument has been used in cancer research  for years in the Shanghai Center for System Biomedicine, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. There have been numerous discoveries from series of studies that can help us in conquering malignant tumors, such as the molecular mechanism of hyperthermia in animal tumor models, the relationship between the concentration of chemotherapeutic drugs and the efficacy and side effects at high temperature and normal temperature, the observation of immune function during hyperthermia, and the influence of non-thermal effects of electromagnetic waves on the three-dimensional structure of tumor-related proteins, etc. KF-100 has proven to be a valuable research tool and has great potential for further scientific discoveries.

Sorrento-100 adopts advanced electromagnetic technology, anti-interference fiber-optic temperature monitors, and automatic temperature control technology, it has 20 domestic and foreign patents and 12 software copyrights. As an innovative and well-designed product from Shanghai Sorrento Medical Technology Co., Ltd., KF-100 is also the first hyperthermia instrument dedicated to animal thermobiology research so far.



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